Top SSL Features

  • 1, 2, 3 Years Peace of Mind
  • Up to $1 Million Warranty
  • Secure Your e-Transactions
  • 128 bit Encryption
  • Cost Effective
  • Strong return on investment

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Secure Business Services Announces New SBS Instant Certificates

SBS Officially Launches New SBS Secure, and SBS Secure Plus Certificates

Secure Business Services Receives it’s Betrusted Certificate Authority Status

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About Secure Business Services

Secure Business Services (SBS) is a security solutions provider dedicated to providing the best Internet security technology—at the best prices. SBS currently provides digital certificates to clients interested in securing their Internet traffic. By focusing on offering compelling technology solutions, and not glitzy marketing campaigns, SBS is able to offer top-quality certificates at a fraction of the price of companies such as GeoTrust, Thawte, and Verisign. SBS certificates are quickly becoming a worldwide standard in secure Internet data transfer.

Our Mission

Secure Business Services is committed to securing the Internet and making it safe for commerce and personal information. Our vision of helping to create a safe, global, open, and effective data exchange for the world’s ideas, goods, and services is what keeps us going.

SBS Secure

SBS Instant is the Secure Business Services cost effective, instantly available, starter certificate. Anyone with access to the WHOIS contact email address can get an SBS Instant Certificate for their web site. These Low Assurance certificates are perfect for web site owners who are cost conscious and who mainly want to send information securely over the Web. Site owners who may wish to offer a higher level of confidence backed by our financial guarantee may want to investigate SBS high assurance certificates such as SBS Secure, and SBS Secure Plus.

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SBS Secure

SBS Secure offers the latest in 128-bit SSL encryption. Our Certificates are accepted by over 99% of all browsers, are fully validated and insured, and are still priced lower than our competitors!

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SBS Secure Plus

In addition to the features you get with SBS Secure, Plus offers the SBS Trust Logo that will show you are a trusted SSL provider.

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